Spring Fever

This past week was gorgeous outside! Nature has always been a source of inspiration for me.  I finally broke out my new lomography camera and shot some pictures. This camera is a film camera so I will update this post when I have the film developed.

I also took a few images with Instagram on my iPhone. These images are from around campus.



The trees on campus, especially around the Quad are beautiful. ISU actually won an award for having every tree species on campus that can be found in Illinois.

One of the greatest features about using Instagram is the filters the app showcases. Having instagram on your iPhone (which is a free, downloadable app) is like having photoshop in your phone.

Like I said, this post is more of a preview for the first roll of film from my lomography camera. Stay tuned to check out those pictures!



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2 responses to “Spring Fever

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  2. Ooh pretty colors! in such a black and white world!

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