A New Take on an Old B&W Outfit

As you can tell by the theme of my blog, I am obsessed with anything black and white. That includes photography and fashion. The majority of my closet is the color black. In fact, any time I go to the mall, my mom kindly says to me, “don’t buy any more black shirts Jenna.” Even though I am trying to expand the color scheme in my wardrobe, I think that when in doubt, a black and white outfit is chic, classy, and put together.


My B&W outfit. Dress, H&M

My outfit today of course is inspired by my obsession with these two opposing colors. Since I need to look professional and put together for my internship, especially on days when we are hosting events, I decided to take a more casual dress I had in my closet and up the ante; by pairing this otherwise lightweight summer dress with leggings, tall boots, a black blazer, belt, and jewelry, I have taken my outfit from casual to business appropriate.

It was a rather chilly day, hence the reason for the leggings, boots, and blazer. Besides styling an outfit in my favorite colors, this was also a great opportunity to wear an item of clothing that I would not normally wear unless it was 80 degrees out. Being able to use garments in your closet any time of year is not always possible. However, by pairing this paper thin dress with leggings and a blazer it becomes three season appropriate (I highly doubt I could pull this off in 0 degree weather we sometimes get here in our Midwest winters).

When styling your outfit, it is important to take into consideration not only the season, and day to day weather, but also different ways to style a single piece and transform it into a whole new outfit right from your own wardrobe. Here are some additional shots from this B&W outfit so you can see the accessories better…


Belt, TJ Maxx, Rings (right hand) zales (left hand) American Eagle, Bangles, Express


Boots, Nine West (I got them for half the original price!)Leggings, H&M








My challenge for you, fashionistas, is to explore your closet before you go to the mall to buy something new. Try mixing and matching different items from different seasons and make use of your accessories. That way, you have a completely new outfit without spending a dime.



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