Spring Weather in the Windy City

Finally! Chicago has gotten the memo that it’s spring! I have been so anxious for the weather to warm up for several reasons, including spring fashion, spring flowers, and the opportunity to spend more time around the city neighborhoods.

Last spring, I had the chance to walk around Chicago before attending the Maine concert (read the interview and see the pictures from their Pioneer tour here). It was a beautiful, spring day filled with sunshine and warm weather – perfect conditions for  photography opportunities. Since I haven’t really written a whole lot of art posts, I’ve decided to share some of my photos with you from last spring.

photos by Jenna Salak, copyright

Photography is one of my favorite art forms – I can’t wait to get my camera out this season and walk around Wicker Park, the South Loop, Navy Pier and other Chicago Neighborhoods to take more pictures and add to my photography portfolio!


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March 31, 2013 · 4:58 pm

One response to “Spring Weather in the Windy City

  1. Nice drop down menus girl!!! I think you hit nicely on this post! Keep it going. Just think about when you are begin adding some sweet guitar stuffs – along with the beautiful photos…yummm! See ya! M

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