Music: Breaking News

So I already wrote a post today but the latest news in music has me typing like a crazy person! I have two updates regarding some of my favorite bands to share with you!

“Legendary” CD Premiers on



The Summer Set has partnered up with Absolute Punk to offer fans a preview of the band’s new CD, “Legendary.” If you want to hear the full playlist before “Legendary” is released next Tuesday, April 16, click here right now! So far, I’m obsessed with every, single track – I will have this site on replay until they cut the live stream.

The Main announces 4th Album Title

photo: The Maine Facebook Page

photo: The Maine Facebook Page

The Maine has been taunting their fans all week long with encrypted messages and photos leading up to the announcement of the first ever 8123 Tour, which will take place from June 4 – July 26. The Maine will headline the North American tour, accompanied by A Rocket to the Moon, Brighten and This Century.

“Forever Halloween” is the title of the Maine’s 4th album. The band recorded and produced the fourth album in partnership with their management company, 8123, and will release their second independent album in a row (Pioneer was also independently released). “Forever Halloween” will be available for pre-order next Tuesday, April 16. The actual release date for the CD will be June 4, to kick-off the North American Tour.





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  1. like Summer Set’s design for cover art. Classy proportionate. Cool!

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