Tuesday Music is #Legendary

Tuesdays are typically release days for new media and today is no exception to that rule!

“Legendary” is Now Available World Wide

Photo: thesummerset.com

Photo: thesummerset.com

The Summer Set released their third, full length album today! “Legendary” was released yesterday in the United Kingdom and is now available world wide on iTunes. The band recently released a lyric video for their song, “Lightening in a Bottle” from the new album. I have also included the lyric video “Boomerang” for your viewing pleasure – make sure to comment below and let me know what your favorite song is off of the new album – Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Tuesday Music is #Legendary

  1. Cool, if you do this every Tuesday, I’ll start adding your link to my Tuesday New Music post. I liked the new Summer Set (I listened to a few songs after my post). I also like the new Caveman (kind of Band of Horses-ish). Great to find a fellow new music lover.

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