Cuff ’em

“In my life I have adopted certain style rules from a young age…I always take off at least one piece of jewelry before I leave the house…to ensure that I am not ‘overdoing’ it.”
Coco Channel

© Marsha Dorfman-Cairo, Jenna Salak

Photo: Marsha Dorfman-Cairo ©
Model: Jenna Salak (me)

2013 Fashion Trend
Well Coco, if there is one accessory trending right now, it’s jewelry. Stackable bracelets are a hot, 2013 fashion trend to try. You’ll find hundreds of images on Pinterest boards, Instagram and fashion blogs of celebrities and everyday girls sporting the trend. Bracelets, bangles or cuffs, doesn’t matter what term you use to describe the “it” accessory, as long as you know how to style the look.

© Marsha Dorfman-Cairo, Jenna Salak

Photo: Marsha Dorfman-Cairo ©
Model: Jenna Salak (me)

Stackable Bracelets My Way
Personally, I like to mix and match metals for an eclectic vibe. When paired together, silver, gold and hematite really standout against your outfit. If you don’t like the idea of mixed finishes, you can always create a monochromatic stack as well. And don’t be afraid to add some color into the mix! Gemstones, diamonds (real or fake) and colored bracelets are a great way to brighten up your wardrobe on a budget.

Here is a snapshot of my bracelet collection!

My bracelet collection

My bracelet collection

I decided it was a good idea to keep the majority of my bracelets on display so I know what styles I already have in case I stumble upon a new bracelet (which happens quite often). It’s ok to select similar styles, but do you really need three sets of plain, gold bangles? I don’t think so. My coveted, sterling silver turquoise cuffs are stored in in a buffer cloth to keep them from tarnishing in the open air.

A few of my favorite pieces include the three turquoise cuffs on the top tier, left side. The first one was a gift from my mom this past Christmas. I had bought a similar style on our vacation to Arizona a few years back but when I went to put it on one day it snapped in half, so my mom was kind enough to replace it.

Other notable pieces include the white enameled cuff with multi-colored gemstones. This is one of the few accessories I bought while working for BCBG (we had a better discount for clothing than accessories). The gold cuff closest to the middle on the left hand side was a recent purchase from Piperlime – I got that sucker for $11!



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