En Pointe

Unfortunately, this blog post has nothing to do with ballet besides the title. On the plus side, I’m going to talk about shoes, and I don’t know any girl who doesn’t love a good pair of flats or heels for that matter.

Like most women, I’ve shunned the pointed toe shoe for years, fearing my size 8.5/9 feet would look ginormous in this shoe style. Alas, something has come over me because I ended up ordering not one, not two but THREE pairs of pointed toe shoes from Piperlime.com! I have to admit, Stacy London from TLC’s “What Not to Wear” has been right all along – pointed toe shoes are HOT!

Take a look at the three styles below to see how you can go from casual to dressed up in a heartbeat with pointed toe shoes:



The Best of Both Worlds

I am IN LOVE with my new pairs of shoes. I’ve already worn the Nine West flats to work a few times and I rocked the gold Steve Madden heels to the grand opening of Ulta on Halstead Street in Chicago this week.

Browsing around online, I found a few more pairs I’d like to add to my wardrobe. Here are my fabulous, pointed toe shoe picks you should add to your wardrobe as well:



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3 responses to “En Pointe

  1. You know, I used to shun pointy toed shoes for the same reason- thinking my feet are too big to look good in them! But Ive come to realise a good pair or shoes does the trick πŸ™‚ Love your “Best of both worlds” pair. Cheers!


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