Pretty, Pretty Pleats

After being introduced to the site back in college (during a lecture, actually) Pinterest has developed into a go-to source for fashion and style ideas as well as an obsession of mine (seriously, I can spend hours on end “pinning”). One of the very first images I “pinned” was this beautiful outfit:

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

The elegance of the pleated skirt and the simplicity of the white T-shirt (not to mention the gorgeous backdrop) caught my attention immediately and has served not once, but twice as an outfit inspiration. The first time I styled a look after this particular image was last year for my 4th of July “stars and stripes” post. The outfit had a few minor tweaks to it (swap out the T-shirt for a solid tank and wedge sandals instead of peep-toe heels) but I was pretty pleats with the outcome.

Once again, this picture inspired me to re-create the look. My second take is a little more literal than the first, but since I love the way this girl is styled, I don’t particularly care if you want to call me a copy-cat. Besides, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery there is!

Pinterest Pleats Round Two:

Photo: © Marsha Dorfman-Cairo Model: Jenna Salak

Photo: © Marsha Dorfman-Cairo
Model: Jenna Salak

Although my hemline is above the knee and the color of the skirt is teal, rather than cobalt blue, you get the idea of how I’ve ultimately translated my look from the original image. Since my Steve Madden brown wedges are one of my favorite summer shoes, I couldn’t resist repeating them as part of my round two outfit either. A matching brown belt ties the accessories together and I opted not to wear a statement necklace (although I’m not quite sure why?)

Photo: © Marsha Dorfman-Cairo Model: Jenna Salak

Photo: © Marsha Dorfman-Cairo
Model: Jenna Salak

The girl in the photo looks like she could use a pair of sunglasses, so I added a pair to my look!

Outfit Details:

Sunglasses, Charlotte Russe
Shirt, H&M
Belt, vintage (my grandmother’s)
Skirt, BCBG Max Azria
(yes, I do have this skirt in 2 different colors!)
Shoes, Steve Madden

More Pretty Pleats:

Here are a few more photos to help inspire your own pleated look (all images via Pinterest)

Leave a comment below, I’d love to know how you’ve styled your own pleated ensemble. Stay tuned for more style inspiration posts and follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and twitter for more outfit ideas!


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