Can’t Get “This Century” Out of my Head

For those of you who don’t already know Tuesday’s are typically when I post about news and insights about the music industry. Although I’m sure there is “breaking news” out there, my mind is elsewhere today. I can’t seem to get This Century’s latest album, “Sound of Fire” out of my head, which is why I am dedicating this #NewMusicTuesday post to them!

This Century

This Century

Who is This Century?
This Century is an American pop/rock band from Pheonix, Ariz. The band consists of:

Joel Kanitz, lead vocals
Sean Silverman, guitar 
Alex Silverman, keyboard 
Ryan Gose, drums

The band is currently represented by Action Theory Records and Rude Records as well as the 8123 team. This century is often associated with other musical groups, such as:

Taking Back Sunday
Good Charlotte
The Summer Set
Austin Gibbs

Sound of Fire

Sound of Fire

Sound of Fire

In 2011, This Century released their first, full length album titled Sound of Fire. The eight track album made its way to the top of the charts in Manila just two weeks after the CD was released.  You can listen to the entire soundtrack on Spotify. The playlist includes:

1. “Young and Useless”
2. “Sound of Fire”
3. “Hopeful Romantic”
4. “Everywhere Everything”
5. “Money Honey”
6. “To Love and Back”
7. “Do It to Me”
8. “Loud”
Check out the official music video for “Sound of Fire” here:
Biography of a Hearbreak
Biography of a Heartbreak

Biography of a Heartbreak

This past April, the band released their second, full length album, titled Biography of a Heartbreak (BOH).  Two of the most popular songs from this album include “Bleach Blonde” and “Skeletons.” The full track list includes:
1. “Slow Dance Night”
2. “Love Killer”
3. “Bleach Blonde”
4. “Tip Toe”
5. “My Weakness”
6. “Run & Hide”
7. “Footsteps
8. “Skeletons
9. “Forbidden
10. “Sideways”
11. “Fools Game”
12. “Biography of a Heart Attack”
13. Deadly Weapon”
Their latest music video, “Slow Dance Night” was released two months ago:
Whether you prefer the old soundtrack or This Century‘s latest album, their catchy songs are perfect for cruising around in your car this summer. This Century is currently performing as part of the 8123 North American Tour with fellow musicians and friends, A Rocket to the Moon, Brighten, and The Maine.
Check out some of the photos of This Century on the 8123 North American Tour on their Instagram feed as well as the 81twentythree feed.

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