Photo: © Marsha Dorfman-Cairo Model: Jenna Salak

Photo: © Marsha Dorfman-Cairo
Model: Jenna Salak

For advertising or potential business collaborations contact: or leave a comment below.

 If you’re a blogger, business owner, or a reader of Black & White Affaire and are ever in the Chicago area, shoot me an email! I’ve love to grab coffee and chat fashion, beauty, and blogging!
Black & White Affaire is happily accepting opportunities for partnerships, product reviews, ad space, sponsored and guest posts with brands that are a natural fit.
Privacy Policy:
Black & White Affaire values its readers and their privacy.  I will not share or sell any of your information listed on this site without your written consent.  In some cases, Black & White Affaire uses affiliate programs and advertising to monetize content.  If you click on a link to make a purchase or get more content, it may result in a commission for Black & White Affaire.
Content is the single most important aspect of Black & White Affaire.  Affiliates do not receive preferential treatment when considering items for editorial content.
If you would like to use any of my photos from Black & White Affair please present a link back to Black & White Affaire within your content.  Thank you.


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